Re: [Evolution] first bug report gpg hang

On 01 Apr 2001 01:03:50 +0930, Not Zed wrote:

Do you have everyone's keys in your keyring to whom you are encrypting
to? If not, it might be that gpg is prompting evolution for more data
but evolution doesn't have any way of knowing it's being prompted for
more information. This might be the cause of the hang. So make sure that
you have everyone in your keyring and that you have signed their keys,

I've got to figure out a better way of doing this but to be honest I
have no idea what I can do.

Surely there is like a gpg api?  It can't all be done through a binary
can it?  If that *is* the only interface, then we are going to have to
open a dialogue with the program and try and talk to it (but that would
suck in the extreme).  At the very least we need a timeout to terminate
it and report what it said to us, we cannot have it just hang.

Currently there *is* only a binary :-(
I think Werner Koch is working on a library called GpgMe, but that will
only cover GnuPG and not PGP 2.6.x, PGP 5.0, or PGP 6.5.x.

I agree, we do need a timeout or something. I'm working on that code
right now (or was a little last week as I started to migrate it over to
Camel). Once we get 0.10 out thedoor, I'll look into it more seriously.

I wonder if we can add CamelCanecellation stuff to it? I haven't really
looked at how the cancel stuff works but it might be an idea.


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