Re: [Evolution] Crashes when recieving mail

On 31 Mar 2001 19:21:16 -0500, digger vermont wrote:
      Lately Evo's been crashing when I try to get mail from my local mail spool.  I see the dialog, the 
meters move to 100%, the dialog disappears, and I get another dialog saying something to the effect that 
the mail window gas died and that the mail component has probably died.  Unfortunately evo seems to losing 
the mail it brought in. (at least I can't find it anywhere) In terminal that I've started Evo from I get 
the message:

Seems odd its losing mail, since it doesn't go onto the next message
till one is written out somehwere (if you dont have any filter rules

Check the file evolution/local/movemail for any messages, they should be
reprocessed on the next get mail (well i think, it used to work like
that anyway).

Lastly, try running evolution-mail in a separate terminal first b efore
starting evolution, you should get more output about why it may have

Bonobo-WARNING **: Exception on unrealize 'Unknown CORBA exceptionid: 'IDL:CORBA/COMM_FAILURE:1.0''

I've been using the daily snapshots on a box with debian.

Thanks for all your help and hard work,


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