Re: [Evolution] Evo 0.5.1 problems

On 16 Sep 2000, Michel Alexandre Salim wrote:

Hi all,

I have some minor problems with Evolution 0.5.1 - 

I can only answer your addressbook questions, so here goes:

- The Contacts manager crashes if used for about 10 minutes

I saw this recently too.  I'll try to look into it before 0.6.

- In Contacts, everything entered into the Address pop-up dialog

Could you explain this a bit more?  I don't understand.

- Contacts - as mentioned by someone else, after upgrading from 0.4.1
the Contacts manager just crashes. I backed up my Evolution config and
created a fresh profile and - surprise - it loads my contacts from
~/.gnome/GnomeCard.gcrd. I confirmed this by modifying some cards and it
just worked... updating the ~/.gnome/GnomeCard.gcrd as confirmed by
opening it using gnomecard; no addressbook.db was written. However I
then did something that causes Contacts to crash and ever since no
matter what I did (killev, killall oafd, rm -rf evolution) I could not
get it to work with GnomeCard.gcrd and have to use

It doesn't autoload your .gnome/GnomeCard.gcrd file.  I'm positive of
that.  That's what load-gnomecard-addressbook is for.  .gcrd and
addressbook.db are completely different formats.  Hopefully
load-gnomecard-addressbook will be integrated into evolution proper once
we have a GUI for importing things from other projects.

- load-gnomecard-addressbook: 'Full name' and 'File card as' reversed -
I find my contacts filed under their full name and having their
nicknames entered in the 'Name' field.

Could you send me your gnomecard file so I could have a look at these

Thanks for the reports,

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