[Evolution] Re: More bugs to report

Sejal Patel <sejal iname com> writes:

Most major universities use the naming convension of last, first for the
default email addresses they assign the students.  I was simply repling
to a message sent to me by a friend who sent it to me that way and that
is when I kept getting messages saying that it was undeliverable because
such as such was not a valid email address. 

Well, there's a bug somewhere.  I haven't tried it, but here's some

According to the RFCs, if you have punctuation in the comment of an
address (ie, the name of the person), it needs to be in quotes.  So

Alan Shutko <ats acm org> 
"Shutko, Alan" <ats acm org>

are ok, but 

Shutko, Alan <ats acm org> 

is not.

Now, if the message came into your system with the From: without
quotes, it's broken.  If Evolution dropped the quotes in the reply,
Evolution is broken.

Alan Shutko <ats acm org> - In a variety of flavors!
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