[Evolution] IMAP Questions possible bug

I'm new to IMAP (2 days new ;-) ), so maybe this is just something that
cant be done but I have set up filters on my Incoming mail to be copied
(moved) to another folder,ie Evolution mailing list emails to Evolution
folder. Now either 3 things happen, 1) nothing, emails stay in the
inbox, 2) evolution crashes, when i restart the email is in the inbox
AND the folder setup in my filter or 3) i get the following error:
Error while 'Loading "imap://pezking mail jaded org/mail/INBOX":
IMAP command failed: Bogus seqence in FETCH

I'm using wu-imap and i've read about some issues with it before, not
sure if they still apply to 0.5.1 or not. 


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