Re: [Evolution] newsgroups? are they in use? or is this underconstruction

Hi there.

On Fri, Sep 15, 2000 at 04:17:47AM +0600, Chuck wrote:
My problem is that even though the groups show up, there are no message
to browse.  If I am in the wrong, I'd just like to know how to set these
up properly and get rid of that part of netscape.

I have got a similiar problem.

In the "Mail Preferences" Dialog I configured with "News Transports" a new news server.
Testing the settings worked fine.
Now I have an entry with the news servers name in my "folder bar" (tree view).

But if I click on that nothing happens, there is also no output in my console
concerning the event of clicking/activating that news server entry.

Somewhere on this list I read that creating a file ""
could help. I created that file in $HOME and in $HOME/evolution
but nothing changed.

So my question is: Am I doing something wrong or is news reading  just not yet working ?

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