Re: [Evolution] Swedish characters in folder names

On Thu, 14 Sep 2000, you wrote:
One folder with an &#-1; (that's an o with two dots above it) in the name
does not display that letter and the ones following it.

We have not completed the UTF-8-ization for the folder tree. So, it's a
known problem, and is going to be fixed.

This also happens with UTF-8 imported text, like signatures, in the composer 
and message viewer; the accented chars appear as &#-1;

One question: will the UTF-8 support for the folder tree also include the 
composer/message view? will it support dead keys for the composer? In the 
contacts section it's already supported, but not in the composer. 

I guess this is because the input fields in the contact manager are pure GTK+ 
widgets and therefore they use XIM support, but the new composer is a new 
custom widget, that doesn't follow the gtktext widget rules, isn't it?

I'm eager to see that support  in Evolution to be able to write non-english 
mails properly.



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