Re: [Evolution] pop bug

On dim, 03 sep 2000 17:15:46 Dan Winship wrote:
4 967801521.3879.mrelay3

There was a space before the "."? What POP server is this? (If you
don't know, typing "telnet popservername 110", will give you a
greeting line that might say.)

?!? No, there was no space before the "." (I sent the mail with balsa, and
apparently it shifted the dot, I think you guessed why :o)
I tried to telnet the pop server, it didn't tell its name.. But I found a big
mail (4326397 bytes) which didn't show completly when trying to RETR it. I DELEted
it and now it's OK. POP server bug ?

But then, on the next POP server (I use 2 accounts with evolution right now),
after retrieving mail an error requester appeared, telling me "can't stat
movemail". In ~/evolution/local/Inbox, there were a movemail.ibex, a
movemail-ev-summary, but no movemail file. Strange ...


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