Re: [Evolution] Evolution .7 crashing often when expunging.

I'm finding that quite often Evolution will crash the mail view when
expunging mail.

Hm, this seems to be a problem that other people are having as
well.  Can you please try sending us a stack trace?


    $ gdb evolution-mail
    (gdb) run

Wait a few seconds until your hard drive stops making noises, then open
another terminal and run `evolution' in it.  The `evolution-mail'
running in GDB should start spitting some messages out.  Then you get it
to crash.  Finally, in GDB do the following:

    (gdb) thread 1
    (gdb) where
    (gdb) thread 2
    (gdb) where
    (gdb) thread 3
    (gdb) where

If you have a core dump lying around, you can try attaching to it with
`gdb evolution-mail path-to-core' and then do the commands above.


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