[Evolution] Can't create Folders within Evolution 0.6 anymore

hi there,

Let me first say a big thank you to the Evolution team. With 0.6, it
seems stable enough for me to convert over full time. I've been using it
for a few days now. If it lasts the week, it'll be a permanent switch.

Anyway, I created a Folder from within Evolution and then copied over a
28MB mbox file and put it in place in the Evolution file system
hierarchy. Evolution dealt with the file just fine. I ended up deleting
and expunging all the messages from that folder.

Sometime after that, I found I could no longer create Folders within
Evolution. When I try, the following two assertion messages appear on my

e-table-CRITICAL **: file e-table-sorter.c: line 287 (e_table_sorter_sorted_to_model): assertion `row >= 0' 

e-table-CRITICAL **: file e-tree-model.c: line 376 (etree_node_at_row): assertion `row < 
etree->row_array->len' failed.

Fortunately, since the file system is so clearly laid out (someone did
something right! :-), I can "create" Folders by creating the appropriate
directory and copying in the file folder-metadata.xml. I'm very grateful
that I can at least do it by hand.


David Sims             david simscomputing com
Sims Computing, Inc.     www.simscomputing.com

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