Re: [Evolution] locale not supporting by C library


the same heappened to me, and i just instaled it from rpms i get from to use with turbolinux-6; i olso did a complete
reinstall from my turbo cdrom and after that tried again helixcode and
after evolution.

 Now i am running helix with no problem, but when i try to configure or
even run evolution it hangs my machine, keeps acessing the disk all the
time and the only way i have to get it back is reseting..

I have not be happy with even configuring any account with it.

I have not noted any inconsistences or dependencies that were not
resolved when i installed it. Any ideas??

thanks for any help.

C. Sena

Dan Winship wrote:

What's the meaning of this message in Terminal:

      "Gdk-WARNING **: locale not supported by C library "  ?

It means you built gtk without internationalization support (meaning
you're not on Linux and you didn't point it to a copy of libintl when
you configured).

-- Dan

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