[Evolution] Web based interface? Can someone help to explain frontend backend...

 I have seen mention of a web based interface to evolution. Has anyone
attempted to start this? Talked about it? Thought about it? I love the
idea of web based email but I hate all the current implementations. To
make email the truly killer app it needs to be acessible from all over
and don't say ssh and mutt. My mom would not like using mutt. 
Would it be to early to begin a discussion on the implementation of a
web based interface? Or would now be a good time to start thinking about
And would it b e possible for someone to digress a little and talk about
the frontend backend scheme with a little explanation of its various
parts? Thanks...

Douglas F. Elznic
<dfelznic @ syr.edu>

Coming Soon:
Organizing more than just tcp packets... 

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