RE: [Evolution] Web based interface? Can someone help to explain frontend backend...

Douglas F. Elznic:

 I have seen mention of a web based interface to evolution. Has anyone
attempted to start this? Talked about it? Thought about it? I love the
idea of web based email but I hate all the current implementations. To
make email the truly killer app it needs to be acessible from all over
and don't say ssh and mutt.

I believe IMAP, and some web-based IMAP client is the way to go, not to
build web-based evolution mail (normal people don't have the ability to
install web applications for themselves anyway). We use IMP 2.2 here at
University of Helsinki with Cyrus IMAPD (with stunnel providing SSL-imap)
and to me this really seems like the ultimate email solution.

If you really hate all the current web-based mail solutions (how many have
you tried?), I think improvements to those would be the thing to do, not
re-inventing the wheel.

On the other hand, a web-based calendar isn't that important to me - my Palm
takes care of that beautifully ;)


Viljo Viitanen                                     University of Helsinki
Viljo Viitanen helsinki fi                                  IT Department

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