[Evolution] Re: spam helper

Iain <tigermilk btinternet com> writes:

Quite often though they'll use the same ISP.

Perhaps... but that doesn't mean that the ISP in the From: line is the
ISP they're using.

There are only four different spams/spammers that I get often enough
to be worth procmail rules, and those are based on content.  The rest
keep using different dialups in china and random From headers.
Blocking any of the From headers by domain would block huge ISPs, like
AOL, earthlink, etc from which there are los of valid people.

But then, maybe it's because most of my spam is CJK spam (which I
can't even READ)... people who actually get english spam might have
better luck.

Alan Shutko <ats acm org> - In a variety of flavors!
Got a dictionary?  I want to know the meaning of life.

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