[Evolution] spam helper

Okay, in my days of emailing, I have picked up more spam than a spatula.
This is a suggestion that a feature be added to evolution - a "shitlist".
The shitlist would contain a list of email addresses to completely ignore.
I would like to be able to right-click on a message from a spammer, and have
the option to "Add Sender to Shitlist".  Any future emails from that address
would be automagically destroyed.

This is a fairly simple feature, and I know that I could do this with
filtering, but it would be nice to have the feature available directly
through the spammers message.

And yes, I do think that "Shitlist" would be the perfect name, even the
release product =)

Good work guys!  I am currently unable to test evolution, because debian has
conflicts with bonobo, but I look forward to the next release fixing that


Jonathan LaCour

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