[Evolution] Can't compose

Hi, I just recently downloaded and installed all of the .debs for 
Evolution 7 and everything seems to have installed fine but I am 
unable to compose email.
I can download and read email received, but when I go to reply or 
simply compose a new message, I get the 'to', 'from' and 'cc' fields 
(I know there's one more but can't remember it) but no field to 
compose the letter in.
Also, an error does pop up but I'll be damned if I can remember 
what it is (I'm at work... I'll try it again when I get home and post 
the error message... something to do with html-blah-blah).
But what package could I be missing that would cause a situation 
like this?  I know libgtkhtml15 is installed.
Otherwise it seems to work fine.  Again, I know I need to post the 
error message.  I will when I get home.

Todd Witter
witter wpr org
tfwitter facstaff wisc edu

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