[Evolution] Ubiquitous - "No evolution components installed."

I am just joining the list, anxious to get updates on new releases for
what I think is poised to be a great linux product...

But I am having a small problem, and newsgroups do not seem to be too
much help...

When I run evolution, I get the following messages:

evolution-shell-WARNING **: No evolution components installed.
evolution-shell-WARNING **: e_folder_type_registry_get_icon_for_type:
Unknown type -- mail
  (and some other like the last one for each app - calendar/contact/etc)

Evolution comes up, but the menus are empty and so is everything else. I
installed using RPMs found on rpmfind.net...

When I try and run configure from the source distribution, it cannot
find GnomePrint, even though I know it is

Anyone got any clues?


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