[Evolution] IMAP Doesn't work any solutions ?

I can't get IMAP to work, I always get

laden': IMAP server response did not contain LIST information
Already have view for evolution:/local/Inbox
ptr = .INBOX.Bugtraq

evolution-mail-WARNING **: Callback failed for `"imap://tharkun tharkserver/.INBOX.Bugtraq" laden': IMAP command failed: Invalid mailbox name
*** Message -- STARTING Lade "imap://tharkun tharkserver/.INBOX.Bugtraq"
*** Message -- ERROR
*** Message -- FINISH Lade "imap://tharkun tharkserver/.INBOX.Bugtraq"

I've got Courier IMAP running. I searched the Archives a bit but have not found any solutions just others complaining about Cyrus. I just noticed that evolution ist out there when I wanted to give up on finding an IMAP Client for Linux thats like OE under Windows. A good IMAP Email Client is the only real thing holding me back from completely switching to Linux ... Any chances for a quick fix for this problem or do I have to wait till 0.7 or something like that comes out ? Or do I just need to get it out of cvs instead of using the rpms ? I really need a good IMAP cleint ! ;)


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