Re: [Evolution] IMAP Doesn't work any solutions ?

I believe it now works in CVS, and hopefully it won't break before the 0.7
release (like it did for the 0.5 and 0.6 releases!).

Unfortunately IMAP is always changing and as a result support is sometimes
broken for a short while.


On Wed, 08 Nov 2000, Alexander Gretencord wrote:

I can't get IMAP to work, I always get

laden': IMAP server response did not contain LIST information
Already have view for evolution:/local/Inbox
ptr = .INBOX.Bugtraq

evolution-mail-WARNING **: Callback failed for 
`"imap://tharkun tharkserver/.INBOX.Bugtraq" laden': IMAP command 
failed: Invalid mailbox name
*** Message -- STARTING Lade "imap://tharkun tharkserver/.INBOX.Bugtraq"
*** Message -- ERROR
*** Message -- FINISH Lade "imap://tharkun tharkserver/.INBOX.Bugtraq"

I've got Courier IMAP running. I searched the Archives a bit but have 
not found any solutions just others complaining about Cyrus. I just 
noticed that evolution ist out there when I wanted to give up on finding 
an IMAP Client for Linux thats like OE under Windows. A good IMAP Email 
Client is the only real thing holding me back from completely switching 
to Linux ... Any chances for a quick fix for this problem or do I have 
to wait till 0.7 or something like that comes out ? Or do I just need to 
get it out of cvs instead of using the rpms ? I really need a good IMAP 
cleint ! ;)


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