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Try this. Start three terminals. In the first one, run
"html-editor-control". In the second, run "evolution-mail". Then wait
a few seconds, and in the third, run "evolution". Now, what happens
with the first two when you try to composer?

Your exercise led me to spend about three hours reworking my libraries.
I have a mix of woody debs and hand-rolled source tarballs. (The bonobo
situation vis-a-vis evolution requires this, for one.) 

In any case I now have the composer window working, apparently in good
order. Running html-editor-control clued me to a mismatch between gtkhtml
and oaf (or was it bonobo?). evolution-mail clued me into problems with 
gnomevfs and GConf. 

The method I'm using is to set GNOME_PATH=/usr and then symlink whatever files I have under /usr/local to equivalent locations under /usr. I can't 
figure out any other way to blend precompiled debs and my own builds under 
/usr/local. I just can't make the leap to building from source with prefix=/usr!

Thanks for the clues.

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