[Evolution] A couple of things..

Well, I am now using Evolution as a kind-of-primary email system at the
moment (with another system acting as a safetly net). 

I would just like to report a strange behaviour: When I reply to a
message, the cursor is at the beginning of the original message line,
like this:

*>This is the original message, the * is where the cursor is.

This is a little awkward, since if you want to start typing, you have to
move the cursor up a couple of steps, switch the style from Pre to
Normal and off you go. Very unusual (for an ex-Outlook user).

Another few things are:

1: Where is the reply line at the top, such as "On x x x so-and-so
wrote..." ?
2: Why can't I forward an email as part of the new email and not as an
3: If I type a someone's name who is in the contacts list, does
Evolution find it and insert the email address?
4: I can output the contact list from Outlook as a comma delimited file,
as a dBase file etc, but how do I get it into Evolution? I have 800+
contacts, so I'm not going to retype them all!!!
5: If I send an email (i.e. send later) and then go into the outbox to
edit it...I can't. Does this mean I have to put it into Drafts first?
6: Spellchecker?

I am sure that a few of these comments are particular from an Outlook
user and other will be addressed in your current internal version (I'm
using 0.6), some maybe because I have no idea about what I am talking
about ;-),  but I would like the reassurance that they are being done
(or considered, or toyed with, or rejected etc).

Otherwise....it's getting better and better. Roll on 0.7 through
helix-update (please!!!).




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