Re: [Evolution] International Characters

On 2 Nov 2000, Heinz-Josef Claes wrote:


cause I got no response the last time, I'll try again . . .

Are there any plans to support 16 bit characters for reading and
writing? If we want world domination, I think it's necessary ;-).

We're using unicode with a varying character size (utf8) instead of 16 bit
characters, but this will support everything that 16 bit characters does.

By the way, 16 bit support is one of the weak things in Unix. Since 8
years, not to much has changed; there are only rudimentary tools for
reading and especially for writing. That's the reason why I to have to
reboot my linux box very often with windoze :-( for my wife, who is

So, we are doing work to support this.  We use utf8 internally for pretty
much everything.  However, I'm not sure how strong the support for Chinese
entry is, for example.  I would suggest trying it though.  Also, if it
doesn't work, I would try it again with future versions.  I wouldn't be
surprised if this improves from version to version.

One of the reasons for this is the difficulty in using varying fonts and
such in the current environment.  However, the next major version of Gtk
is going to use unicode internally.  This will make unicode support in the
next version of Evolution (after 1.0) much much stronger since it will use
the facilities that Gtk provides.

Good luck with this.  Write again with your experiences if you try this


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