Re: [Evolution] biff-like functionality

This sounds like a job for filters. Could probably be done fairly easily if
you added a new filter action...


On 02 Nov 2000, David Sims wrote:

Does Evolution have any kind of infrastructure that would permit a
"you've got mail" indicator that comes on only when mail has been
delivered into a certain folder?

What I'm driving at is that I only want to see my "new mail" indicator
come on when I've got mail in my Inbox. Other mail that gets filtered to
other folders, including mailing lists that I'm on, should not flash the
"new mail" indicator.

Because out of all the messages I get each day, maybe 10% are
actually for me directly. The others are from mailing lists, and I don't
want to read them right away.

Thanks for any clues and direction,

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