Re: [Evolution] How can I have all sent messages copied in a folder automatically?

Your a little confused... you don't want sent mail to be copied to Outbox
or they will be sent again when you hit "Get Mail" (aka send & receieve)

Outbox is for messages that you have requested be "Sent Later". So Outbox
is basically an outgoing message queue.

All messages that have been sent are copied to the Send folder...I believe
this is what you are looking for.


On 02 Nov 2000, Cristian Posoiu wrote:

I didn't get the use of the Outbox folder. I assumed that *automatically*
all of my mail should
be copied there... But it's not that way...

I tried to do an "Outgoing" filter to Copy the mail in the  Outbox
folder. It doesn't work.
It filters on letter 'i' ( I tried also with an empty string)

How can I have this behaviour implemented?
Why Home and End keys send me at the beggining/end of the mail and not of
the line???


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