Re: [Evolution] Too many Evolution Preview 7 filters causes crashes

If I have 6 filters, everything is fine. I can get email from my POP
account; the filters move the mail properly to folders I've set up.

Hm, I have a lot more than 6 filters, and I have been using Evolution
from CVS since a while before 0.6 constantly, and I have never had this

So, as Jeff suggested, please send us your ~/evolution/local/filters.xml
file, and maybe then we can reproduce your problem on your machines.  I
don't think the problem is in the number of filters, rather it must be
in the filter themselves or something else going wrong somewhere.

Also, I see a lot of THESE:
And I have no idea what they're referring to - a bad message? Which one?
Why is it bad?

No, this is just some Bonobo warnings due to the new UI stuff which is
not bullet-proof yet.  Don't worry about them.> I really like the
program; hope there's an easy fix to my problem. I get

I get a LOT of mail, and need more than 6 filters.

We too.  :-)


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