Re: [Evolution] special character problem...

When I write a message in french, I need those characters... is there a
way to get them? Is it a problem with Evolution? gtkhtml? should I use
CVS version to correct the problem?

I've just fixed/enabled XIM support in CVS. Could you try CVS version
and report if it works correct for you?

If it should work under evolution 0.6 (without having to compile the
whole cvs tree) I will also try it ASAP. I have now a gtkhtml-0.7
version with XIM (as Larry Ewing told me) enabled packaged on a deb, and
it works fine (á à â ä Á À ....)

so if it works for you now, I would recommend you to keep your updated
0.7 as I am unsure if CVS version is binary compatible with 0.7
(actually I think it isn't)

However, some multipart mime messages written with outlook seems to fail
display the accented chars.

It's still broken, so CVS don't help.


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