[Evolution] weekly summary for evolution

Evolution's growing by leaps and bounds! The most impressive accomplishment
this week was Ettore's massive overhaul of the shell, which makes Evolution
much more flexible. Other developments include....

The mailer:

* Dynamic provider work (danw)
* Mail config druid (danw)
* KPOP support (danw)
* expunging for mbox provider (zucchi)
* really nice search functionality (zucchi)
* 2 orders of magnitude speed increase (!) in
  ETable startup and column sort times (zucchi and clahey)

The calendar:

* tons of bugfixing (damon)

The addressbook:

* LDAP server dialog work (toshok)
* ETable view of addresses (toshok & clahey)
* Hooking it up to the shell properly (clahey)

GtkHTML/composer work:
* Some utf-8 insertion work (lewing)
* fixing an embedded widget problem (lewing)
* pasting fixes (lewing)

Other items:
* purify compilation support (toshok)
* wombat fixups (federico)


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