Re: [Evolution] have you seen this message?

    Dan>   4) Messages should be marked read immediately upon being
    Dan> opened.  People can use Shift + up/down arrow (or something)
    Dan> to move the cursor in the message list without opening
    Dan> messages, and Return or Space or something to select. (This
    Dan> is basically how most Emacs-based mail readers work.)

  I think I'd like a variant  of this.  I.e. up/down arrows would only
move the  keyboard focus  (i.e.  the dotted  white rectangle,  not the
blue one, so to speak), and  then you use Enter to select the message.
When the  message is selected, it  gets displayed in  the preview pane
and marked as read immediately.

  If the additional Enter is annoying, we can e.g. bind the space bar
to move to the next unread message and select it.

  I think the annoying thing  about the current automatism is that the
computer does not immediately react  to a specific user action, so the
fact  that it  tries  to delay  the  change in  the  read state  looks
pointless.   ("I am  reading it  right now,  you idiot,  what  are you
waiting  for?!" :-))  At the  same time,  it does  not really  fix the
"moving  around marks  everything as  read" problem,  because  it only
makes it depend on the speed of the user instead.

    Dan>   6) Like 5, but the spacebar means "scroll" if you're not at
    Dan> the bottom of the message, and "mark this message read and
    Dan> jump to the next message" if you are. (aka "DWIM mode")

  This is nice too.

  BTW, we should also consider the  fact that some users will not want
to  have the preview  pane and  will rather  double click  messages to
display them  in their own window.   (This is a  missing feature right


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