Re: [Evolution] have you seen this message?

    Jamie> Making it so  that in the message list  window, Up and Down
    Jamie> changed which message was  highlighted but didn't select it
    Jamie> (requiring RET) would be  intuitive, but inconvenient, so I
    Jamie> wouldn't want that.

  You can  still bind  other keys for  that.  Like, arrows  for moving
around without changing the read state, and "n" and "p" to move around
by affecting the read state.

  I think the arrow keys should only move the cursor without affecting
the  mailbox.  That's  normally what  arrow  keys are  for, you  don't
really  expect  them to  change  the state  of  the  document you  are
visiting.  That's why I  think making them gratuitiously mark messages
as read is a bad idea.


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