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Michael Poole wrote:

Please don't, in fact!  If you're going to send out a password
mailing, I think the monthly mailing used by other lists is a better
idea than weekly.

This whole password business is silly.  Confirmation 
messages, ensuring
that you are capable of receiving mail to the address you are
manipulating, is all that is needed.  Smartlist doesn't use passwords,
and it's plenty secure once you turn on confirmation messages.  This
password nonsense is why I use smartlist for my lists instead of
mailman, even though mailman looks slightly easier to admin.

While this isn't really an Evolution post, I'm going to post here anyway.
Just as a guess, I think you've overlooked that Mailman does almost
everything through the web interface, other methods are much less
convenient.  Without a password, how can users view their webpage with
configuration options, while keeping the rest of the world from doing so?

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