Re: [Evolution] Compiling in RH6.2

Hello Slawek,
You may want to download the latest Helix Gnome, ( )
which should take care of all that, though I'm not sure about the glibc
2.2.I have Red Hat 6.2 with Helix GNOME 1.2 and I have compiled Evolution
without any trouble. I would recommend that you download the tarred
binaries as opposed to the rpms that someone released as I had problems
with them. Also you might want  to delete the evolution directory in your
home directory if you had Evolution 0.0 installed, as that caused a little
trouble for me as well.  Remember that Evolution is still alpha level
software and not for daily use.

Good luck,

Garrett Mickelson

Slawek Gostomski wrote:

Is there anybody who compiled Evolution with Red Had 6.2? It requires
gnome-libs greater than 1.59 (standard of RH6.2), but I can't update (by
rpm) this library (I downloaded gnome-libs-1.62), it requires glibc2.2.
It requires a lot :-(

Slawek Gostomski

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