Re: [Evolution] Compiling in RH6.2


 I have a stock RedHat 6.2 system + updates.

 Now I went to Helix code did the go-gnome thing, and I have got a 
nicer desktop.

 Finally go to evolution page and follow instructions for when you 
have helixcode packages.

 It is trivial. The only no trivial thing is to remove all 
/tmp/orbit-yourname/*OAF* files if you happen to have some before 
actually trying to run the thing.

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On 6/7/00, 2:39:40 PM, "Slawek Gostomski" <bishop teltronik com pl> 
wrote regarding [Evolution] Compiling in RH6.2:

Is there anybody who compiled Evolution with Red Had 6.2? It requires
gnome-libs greater than 1.59 (standard of RH6.2), but I can't update 
rpm) this library (I downloaded gnome-libs-1.62), it requires 
It requires a lot :-(

Slawek Gostomski

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