[Evolution] First impressions and suggestions as user


 These are my first impressions: it looks REALLY great, it looks

 Now, before you ditch my suggestions, I need to make sure you
understand that I understand that this is simply a 0.1 version, which
means not much.

 Ok let's get going. I will take my example, and tell you what I really

 I've got 4 email addresses: foo1-4, and soon my own if I get high speed

 foo1 is the job email which I like to keep there, this means I need
imap access. The rest, I want to download through anything (POP...)

 I also want to be able to read my own system mail without using POP, or
mboxes, but the plain old /var/spool/mail/whoever.

 I want to right-click on an email and add it to my address book.

 The LDAP thing looks nice and certainly needed for companies. But while
it should be easy for sys-admins to set up LDAP, it is not for me. This
means, we need to have easy LDAP installation/configuration for
home/soho machines.

 Real calendar. I always hated calendars because they are stupid. They
won't do anything unless you are logged on and launch the app. While
this is nice, I happen to forget to launch those apps and thus might
never get some important warning.

 A real calendar, would use a daemon (at/cron???) and then force itself
up as soon as I log in for any reason. It has to have echo capabilities
for terminal sessions as well as full X app lanching in case display is

 Finally, some really cool toys like paging me on my pager (real world
one) or cell phone would be great too.

 While you are doing that, have fun and make life easier for the rest of

 Again thanks for that great effort.

 PS: This was written using evolution 0.1

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