Re: [Evolution] CHI'96 paper on mail usability and some thoughts

"Justin" == Justin Mason <jm jmason org> writes:

    > Yes, while I was writing it I was thinking that the ETable stuff
    > looks pretty powerful for this kind of setup.  Essentially, I
    > wanted to make sure these kind of possible goals should be on
    > the radar anyway -- so that e.g. colorisation would be possible
    > with ETable, and the other goals are doable with vFolders.

Yes, they have been in the radar since we began.  That is why we had
to do a fully new table widget rather than trying to patch existing

    > Even if the vFolders were not easy to use straight away, a good
    > way to do it would be if a set of predefined
    > preferences/filters/vfolder setups are included -- kind of like
    > a set of vFolder "themes".

Yes.  Exactly.  Now we only need to make this very very visible.

    > BTW here's another thought -- it would then be nice if there was
    > a way to swap vFolder settings -- so e.g. I could mail a vFolder
    > specification to my team-mates as an attachment.  (although
    > however I could see some possible security issues with this.)

It should be pretty simple to do this, we could mail it as a special
mime-type that would contain the s-exp.  Michael Zucchi can probably
talk more about this idea.


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