Re: [Evolution] CHI'96 paper on mail usability and some thoughts

coloring might be kinda neat, if not done with colors perhaps in a
different way (it's the idea that I liked more than the colors)

ETable/VFolder will offer a powerful tool for users, as it can do a
number of tricks:

        1. Group information by a key (in the case of organization, we
           could use an "importance" tag.

        2. Colorify depending on a set of rules (this might help

        3. We could create vFolders that match that various
           "importance" levels.

But to make this effective, two problems must be solved:

        1. The use of these features should not be a hidden feature,
           or an advanced setting.  It should be presented to the user

        2. Users should start using the feature the sooner the
           better.  How can we insinuate this to users?

An obscure to use feature is just like a feature that is not present
for most cases.



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