Re: [Evolution] CHI'96 paper on mail usability and some thoughts

That article is indeed pretty interesting.

* I previously added some code to ExMH to colorise messages, and used
the colours as a way of differentiating "todo low-priority", "todo high-pri",
"support mails", "pals chatting", etc.  This worked very well as a way to scan
a lot of mails and immediately work out the rough categorisation without having
to read and parse the from and subject.  (unfortunately the code stopped
working in the next ver of ExMH and my Tk knowledge wasn't good enough
to fix it!)  Helps with problem 4 and aids scanning.

I was thinking also that we could use arbitrary tags, and ship with a
set of default tags for various tasks.  We need to make sure that this
is not an obscrure feature, but something that is very visible and
easily accessible.

So you could type something like a number that would classify the
task.  This, plus the a grouping mechanism (in ETable nonetheless)
could be used to get a quick view of activities.


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