Re: [Evolution] Ideas for Evolution

On 1 Jun 2000, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

When I was doing lots of email support, TypeIt4Me (a Mac extension) was
a major timesaver.  You basically typed the name of the macro, TI4M deleted
that text and in it's place typed your spiel.

Did this only work inside the message composer, or it worked across
the whole system?

It was a control panel/extension which did some evilness with keyboard buffer
and worked accross the whole system.  This was irritating at times,
using vi in a telnet window and having TI4M activate (think about it :) )
It would have been better integrated into the application.

This seems extremelly trivial to implement as a `hook' into the
message composer, and also makes sense.

Want to work on that?  I can give you pointers on how this hack can be
made to work.


I haven't touched Glib/Gtk before, my C is slightly rusty but I'd like
to have a attempt.  I'm much more a user support droid/tester.   
Where is the best place to start?

On 1 Jun 2000, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

This is something I have always wanted.  The only problem I see with
this is the user interface for it.

How do you think this would work?  A separate window showing a list or
tree of options?  Or maybe we would use a shortcut bar with the items
in place?  But it needs keyboard usage, so not a very good UI.

Keyboard good, especially for us touch typist out there.

The idea is good, how is the user going to interact with that though?

If it sucks, then nobody will use it.


Agreed.  Easy and painless.  If it's integrated with the mailer we can
however put magic format strings in the text spewed out by the shortcut
tool.  (eg subject, folder name, recipient)

TypeIt4Me worked with the cut and paste buffer for adding text to it,
I was thinking of something like

type word (no spaces here) hit shift-control-v, it looks at word, zaps
it and type is the magic spiel corresponding to the word.

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