[Evolution] compiling evolution 0.1

version problems:
i´m useing debian potato, so my gnome is not up-to-date.
i compiled the new packages with prefix=/opt/evolution.

however bonobo´s configure script does not find new versions there,
but the old versions installed in /usr/...

even worse: after fixing ORBit manual:
checking for gdk-pixbuf-config... /opt/evolution/bin//gdk-pixbuf-config
checking for GDK_PIXBUF - version >= 0.6.0... no

but /opt/evolution/bin/gdk-pixbuf-config --version

i used
export PATH=/opt/evolution/bin:$PATH

anything else i need to do ?  guess the -I and -L flags for compiling
and linking also have to be in the right order.

regards, andreas

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