RE: [Evolution] Fw: Mailing list for mail client development

I think this is a very good idea. In the end it might lead to a very generic
design of a 'mail-client back-end' on which various clients can work.

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This might be a good list? I can't hurt at least

I've asked to be subscribed if the list is created so at worst I can pass
along anything of interest


On Thu, 1 Jun 2000, Daniel Naber wrote:
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 16:09:43 +0200
To: jpaint balsa net, pavlov balsa net, eucalyptus isengard-dev org,
        k_wayne linuxpower org, fejj stampede org, selmer netscape com,
        wfp5p cthulhu itc virginia edu, roessler guug de,
        pine cac washington edu
From: Daniel Naber <dnaber mini gt owl de>
Subject: Mailing list for mail client development


I'm currently contributing to the development of KMail, the KDE mail
client. It turns out there are many issues that are not specific to a
certain mail client. So we'd like to open a new mailing list for
developers of open source mail clients.

The list would be hosted by KDE (but it wouldn't be KDE related
except the fact that there are *also* KDE people). To start with
this list I need at least 5 people willing to join. So if you're
please mail me your email address and you'll be subscribed if
the list starts.

Topics for this list could be:
-standards compliance
-mail folder formats


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