RE: [Evolution] options on download

A new feature request that this thread spawned ...

Some sort of filtration so that duplicate messages (say those that are cc'd
to multiple lists that I'm on, or cc'd to me when I'm on the list...) are
automatically skipped/filtered?  I'm currently getting three copies of many
of these messages, and while it's not a major problem, it does add 5 seconds
for each additional message, which can add up... again as an option, not a
default <grin>.  I assume this would go under whatever evolutions filtering
policy is.  Could this be done by matching headers (since that seems like
the way that's planned to implement the download large messages last idea?)
From the varied ways that mailing lists seem to handle sending the messages
I realize that this may be more effort than it's worth...  on the other
hand, it would seem that those whom are most pressed for time in the
programming world would find this the most useful (ie, I'm sure that most of
the 'big name' hackers are on a fair number of mailing lists, and are
additionally CC'd on tons stuff that is a duplicate of what's on the

I don't see much of a good way to do this, except to perhaps checksum the
message content (the from line often gets edited by the list remailer,
subject lines tend to not change forever).  I suppose that a comparison of
size and whether or not anyone has been CC'd would narrow down which
messages should be checked fairly quickly (a subject line would be less
useful because some mail systems add the list name to the subject...)

Your thoughts and ideas?

Tom M.
TomM pentstar com

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