Re: [Evolution] Ideas for Evolution

On Thu, Jun 01, 2000 at 12:33:28PM -0700, Ray Lee wrote:

On the subject of rules (which isn't what Miguel started out on, but hey), I
think we could cover a lot of ground with an automatic rules generator. When
someone drags a message to a folder from their inbox, the rules wizard could
look through the message header, pull out the likely sort-upon fields
(sender, return-path, list-id, etc.) and pop up a dialog asking the user if
he wishes to create a recurrence rule for the action.

While we're talking about automatic rules generator, I wonder if using
something like term frequency index would work for rules suggestions. It
would be neat where some chunk of code could determine the fact that
there's an awful lot of mail from this particular list sitting in one
particular folder and suggest that I use a rule for the folder.

For TFI to work, we'd need a list of words that we can safely ignore. Like
"the", "a", etc.

Hey maybe we can use a little animated paper clip ...


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