RE: [Evolution] Ideas for Evolution

Could one perhaps use the same method that outlook express
does for constructing its "rules"?  Where you have:

On the subject of rules (which isn't what Miguel started out on, but hey), I
think we could cover a lot of ground with an automatic rules generator. When
someone drags a message to a folder from their inbox, the rules wizard could
look through the message header, pull out the likely sort-upon fields
(sender, return-path, list-id, etc.) and pop up a dialog asking the user if
he wishes to create a recurrence rule for the action.

Not that I'm suggesting this as a default, mind you. Gratuitous dialog boxes
set my teeth on edge. But certainly as mode that can be enabled temporarily,
or via a keyboard qualifier when you drag the message...

Just a few thoughts.

rblee impulse net ~ ray madrabbit org

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