Re: [Evolution] Filters

Yes vfolders can be used to do something similar, but its not quite
the same.  And yes, we plan to implement this feature, like 'apply filters
to folder xxxx now'.

Hi Dan,

That's what a 'VFolder' or virtual folder is.  If you go to
'Tools->Virtual Folder Druid', it will
allow you to create a virtual folder.  The way that works is, you can
set up your filter criteria, 
and give it a name.  It will appear in the Vfolders branch of the
Folders tree.  (If you don't
see the Folders tree, click 'View->Show Folder Bar' checkbox.)  Then,
when you click on the
VFolder by name, it will automatically apply that filter to your
Inbox.  I think that's what you
want to do, yes?

Have a good one,



I just started using Evolution 0.2, and I was wondering if you will be
implementing the ablilty to run filters on mail that has already been
received, ie your inbox.  The reason I'm wondering is that I just got
all my mail from the server and realized I didn't implement any of the
filters yet so I had to sort the mail by hand.


dan sinclair

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evolution maillist  -  evolution helixcode com

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