Re: [Evolution] Problems encountered w/ Evolution...

Okay, I think you totally got me wrong. Procmail does not filter mail that
is already in your individual mailboxes (although it could - but then that'd
be similar to Evolution's On-Demand filtering).

Anyways, procmail filters INCOMING mail and delivers it to your mailboxes,
it doesn't filter your mailboxes (because they are presumably already


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On Wednesday 20 December 2000  5:50 pm, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
[comments below]
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2) When I setup filters, they are not done automatically to the
coming into my Inbox
under IMAP.  I have to select the messages and then apply filters -
maybe there is a place to
set this, but I haven't found it yet.  Am I missing something?

Okay, the reason filters are not applied to IMAP mail is because IMAP is
not like POP, it's more like a remote filesystem similar to the local
format that Evolution uses. You don't want filters applied to your local
mbox when you open it and with the same logic, you don't want filters
applied to your IMAP folders when you open them. Now, Dan Winship has
ideas about how IMAP *could* be filtered but I'm not sure exactly how
is going to work.

Actually...I do have my local mailbox filtered (procmail) ... or when
kmail (sorry all) by it's own filters(mostly because of the way it handles

Anyway... It is VERY important to be able to filter your mailbox, which in
some cases is an IMAP account....This way all of those list subscriptions
be filtered to sub folders (either locally or on the imap server) when the
imap account is accessed...

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