RE: [Evolution] huge RPMs

So why provide libgal.a in gal devel if it is moving target?

Well, if you build against a static library, then you don't have to worry
about your applications breaking when a new one comes out that changes the
API. If anything, it's a reason to include it. Of course, the next time
you build it you'll have to fix your applications, but that comes with the

Developers really don't use rpms, they always use source.

I use a lot of devel debian packages (which are set up exactly like devel
RPMs). Most notable is libc-dev. I certainly don't build my libc from

I try to make rpms from tarballs with rpm -tb xxx.tgz,
but it is not possible with all tgzs (bad spec files, especially
for ORBit - how do you make rpms btw?).

Our build system generates RPM spec files on the fly. They should be
included in our source RPMs.

But I DO want to compile Evolution myself - that's why I
need -devel rpms.

That's true, if you're building the Evolution tarball you should get all
of the other tarballs as well. I'd recommend just getting the SRPMs,
though, as it's quite a bit easier (as I mentioned about the spec files).
If you're building Evolution from CVS, I would suggest getting all of its
libraries from CVS too, as changes in Evolution may depend on changes in
other libraries as well.


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