[Evolution] Evo 0.8, Debian 2.2: 2 two glitches


I just wanted to add my experiences (just the bad ones ;)

I use the gtk Step theme, and if I mark a message either in the Folders
panel or the message list, the font color is changed to the same as the
marking color (white), making the text illegible. May of course be an
issue with Step rather than Evo, since this doesn't happen with other
themes. OTOH, Step works fine for other apps.

I can write umlauts and they are received at the recipient, but I can't
display them. The line is displayed ok until the occurence of the
umlaut, but empty from there. I'll try to show an example:

aaaaaaaa now an umlaut:ä aaaaaaaa

(immediately after the "umlaut:" follows the umlaut, a space, and then
some a's again)

Greetings, M.

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