Re: [Evolution] Can't get to IMAP folders at all now

Anyway, the magic operation you need to know is to click on the IMAP
server in the folder tree. (You can do that before or after clicking
"Get Mail".)

That worked.  However, I'm still having the problem of mismatched
summary info.  I think it should be pretty repeatable:  Go into Evolution,
check your IMAP mail.  Exit Evolution.  Then go into another e-mail program,
check your IMAP mail, and delete some of it.  Exit that program.
Then go into Evolution again.  I believe you will see one e-mail at the
bottom of your list that should no longer be there.  And you can't
delete it.

By the way, has anyone at Helixcode been able to reproduce the
crash bug when displaying attachment pixmaps?  It's still there, and
I've got a growing list of e-mails that I cannot delete because of


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