Re: [Evolution] 8 bit characters problem back ?

On 10 Dec 2000 18:29:30 +0100, César Talón wrote:

The problem with gtkhtml that stops showing the rest of a line from an
accented chars is still there if you don't have the locales right. For
me the only way of making it work directly was using my locale in
/etc/environment, regardless of the gdm language setting. With that
setted up, everything works fine, except html mail.

Ok, I got it working by playing with my locale settings. What surpised
me is that it worked for a while and then got broken again two days
Anyway thanks for the answer :-)

HTML mail doesn't show the accented chars correctly, instead it shows
chars like: "ó" instead of ó, "í" instead of í, etc. This only
with HTML mail and composing mail with HTML, however, if you answer a
mail as plain text, the chars appears fine.

I noticed that too


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