Re: [Evolution] Weekly Feature Request Summary (12/6)

Seems like a good idea to me. Especially with large mailing lists and the threaded message view that Evo 
feature, it's sometimes hard to find where the new messages are. ^_^


I would like to request a "Next Unread Message" button, ala Netscape


On 06 Dec 2000 21:23:32 +0500, Tim Reilly wrote:
I agree with most of these suggestions, except I think the three recommendations you have for checking 
mail should all be options, rather than hard-coded changes. Especially the re-indexing one, that would 
KILL my poor lil system. :(

Otherwise it's fine. :)


Hello Evolution lovers!



      - Is the evolution calendar going to support calendar servers through

evolution maillist  -  evolution helixcode com

evolution maillist  -  evolution helixcode com

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