Re: [Evolution] requests for features

Tony Rein wrote:


I really like Evolution, but one thing I absolutely can't stand is that
deleted messages stay visible. When I delete something, I want it to go away,
to get out of my life! Instead, messages in Evolution are stil there. They
have a line drawn through them, but they're still there. This is maddening.
Is there a way to change that? (I assume the message would still be
recoverable from the trash folder if I change my mind before expunging.)

Another question: Is there a way to import names and addresses from the KDE
Address Book (KDE version 2) into the Evolution Contact Manager?


trein one net

Well, since we're all asking for new things, how about support for a
wider range of IMAP servers?  Specifically, I'd like it to support
Cyrus, but I hate to be discriminatory...
Matthew Vanecek
perl -e 'print
For 93 million miles, there is nothing between the sun and my shadow
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